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Hot Shop Herring - Hyttsill, parties in the kingdom of Crystal.

When the glassblowers go home for the day, long tables are set up in the glassworks of Småland.

The chef fries salted herring in the cooling pipe – where earlier in the day, finished glassware has been slowly cooled down. He brings trays of crispy bacon and isterband sausages to the table. Jacket potatoes, genuine Småland ostkaka pudding. Glasses are filled with chilled beer from the basement… Soon, the singing creates a warm atmosphere in the smeltery.

Hyttsill evenings date back to the days when the glassworks acted as a focal point for the local community – an after-hours meeting place for workers, hunters from the surrounding forest and, not least, wandering tramps. Not infrequently, 15 to 20 tramps would gather in the warm smeltery and, seated on wooden boxes, would tell stories and eat some food.

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